Friday, January 18, 2008

my week

the reason i have been hesitant to blog is i don't lead a very exciting life. i exercise in the morning after taking the kids to school (at least most of the time), i scrap, i try to do a little bit of cleaning, i take a nap, i pick up kids from school, i teach piano, i throw together dinner, i maybe scrap and then go to bed. it's not terribly exciting.

so on that note, here's a layout from monday and tuesday. still waiting to take the wednesday and thursday pics, it's cloudy in colorado. we're supposed to get snow. that means pictures are not fabulously lit.


rachel carlson said...

your recent work has been total eye-candy for me - love it! happy weekend hugs, rach

melzie2121 said...

I'm glad your blogging- your work is amazing.

Kristii Lockart said...

Your life is way exciting girl!!
I am totally loving your layouts and I can't wait to see what you come up with October Afternoon's new line!