Sunday, January 20, 2008

pub ad challenge, a litttle break in the randomness

i started doing the pub ad challenges over at two peas a year and a half ago. it was one of the first threads i opened, just about a week after paula had started up the challenge again. i was new to scrapbooking design, and the graphic nature of ads has always spoken to me. so i saw it as a natural fit. it really helped nurture my developing style and has pushed my boundaries quite a bit over the past year+. i've always been a boxy scrapper, but i've learned to move outside the box and have loved where it's taken my style. so a small ode to the pub ad challenge :) and my most recent inspiration from an ad.

i will update with the last 4 days of random thoughts sometime throughout the next day or two. i did end up getting my desk cleaned off, so now i'm extra motivated to just play! thanks to all you who check and comment on my random thoughts album. it's been really fun to do. :)

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