Monday, February 18, 2008

are you ready for image overkill

OK, so i've added the rest of the "me with people" pictures here. but please take the time to read further because i've done 3 posts today and i wouldn't want you to miss anything prior to this last one.

stay tuned while i update with captions:

my scrapping idol, even though i scrap nothing like her. i worked next door to laura for the entire show but didn't get her picture 'til she was leaving to catch her plane. what a pity.

the emily/emilie team. we bonded. it must be the name.

the rest of the fontwerks team, kah mei, sara winnick, grace abuzman. and me (not on the fontwerks team, but if anyone ever asked...) they were heading out, their booth was taken down in like two minutes flat. what a fabulous group of girls to work next to. so much fun to get to know them. mary kay and i ran into sara and grace at the airport, what a nice way to end the trip.

me and one of the nicest surprises of the event. katie and i had had a conversation via peamail about spoons. comments she made were sure indications that we'd be friends. i'm so glad i got to actually meet her and work across the way from her. what a delightful person. and wendy, if you're reading this, i'm sorry i didn't get a picture of us as well. so many nice friends over at maya road.

this is the last picture i took as i was leaving the show floor. kim, jon (owners of october afternoon) and cathy (new title coming) were so tired, but i made them pose for a picture. what a wonderful group to call my friends. we worked really hard together, through some awfully tough situations. we had a good time, and i look forward to working with them again in summer.


the talented kerry lynn yeary. absolutely adorable. got to work the OA booth with kerry lynn and celeste on monday morning. this business has a lot of really good people. i'm lucky to know a lot of them.

me, sondaT and heather. heather's eagle eye spotted sonda in the melissa francis booth and we got to visit for a few minutes. what fun to meet peas that you only know from their avatars. sonda's wonderful!

me and my new best friend, becky bling. i was at the cosmo booth and looked over to see this stranger waving at me. i had no idea who she was, but i smiled and waved back. then i realized it was bek. i didn't even recognize her behind all her teresa bling. doh!

i'm going to get this wrong, but this is me and deborahl519. debby from 2peas. got to meet her at the 2peas social and was worried the whole night she'd go into a diabetic coma because of the ice cream bar she ate. but she was ok.

gumpgirl didn't recognize. :( but i accosted her and made sure she knew who i was :).

ali was sitting at the ck booth, probably relishing the rare moment of quiet when i came along and asked for a picture. loved discussing her 4 inch orange heels.

and then i got to visit for a bit it jessica. and look through her second digital scrapbooking feature. now i just need to get photoshop...

nabbed a picture with elsie.

and this is an elsie original of me, caroline, heather, erin, vivian and kelly noel.

and finally it's me and kelly. she's wearing my pink crown and picking up a message on the bat phone. :)

and i know there are so many other friends that i needed to get pictures with but i never did. i guess that's for next cha. :)


Debby said...

hi emily

I'm glad you found me. I'm book marking your blog and hope to visit much. I love the picture of the two of us. DeborahL591, but you came close. Even though you worked hard, its looks like you were able to have some real fun. Great....and thanks for watching out for me at the pea social!

Becky said...

Girl, it is so much fun reading all of your posts!
Your pics are great, and your telling of events so well told...

I MISSED out big time not staying with all of you, do you think I would have won a slice if I had?
The company alone would have been worth it, let this be a learning experience for me!

rachel carlson said...

oh my goodness em, you did really good with the people pics - good job! thanks for sharing it all. hugs, rach

jacQ said...

love the pictures! Thanks for sharing... now we know wat jon and kim and cathy looks like! :) heh heh....

*Paula* said...

Woah - you got some great pics Em- it looks like so much fun, but of course it was, you were there! I see you found Laura again!

Emilie Ahern said...

Dude. My boobs are seriously taking over that shot. Maybe a little cropping? Please!

I'm gunna steal it, crop it and put it on MY blog. Just see if I don't!

Emilie Ahern said...

You gotta go check this out...
You'll love it.

and by the way. Email me. My address is on my blog.

Vivian said...

You are the queen of picture-taking at CHA! I never think to get photos with anyone and then regret it later.

Debby said...

I just posted my "me" pictures also.'ve been tagged. Check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, got so many more photos than I did. I'm so jealous!! You are just the cutest..and I'm so glad you recognized me while I was shopping at OA!! Hugs!


inara said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, looks like fun!

Sonda T said...

Emily, wow did you get a lot of pics! I didn't take any...but made other people take them (hence our pic on YOUR camera! HAHA) I'm so glad I finally got to meet you and Heather IN PERSON...geesh...took long enough huh??
I'm sure I'll be seeing you around....I'm following you around with the camera next year!
Hugs! Sonda T

kerry lynn said...

that's me & you!
so glad you took this em
and so happy i got to play
work with you!!