Monday, February 18, 2008

the goal is simple

totally happy to meet some more simple scrapbook friends at this cha. first off, got to see celeste at the oa booth. then mel louette and linda barber came and found me and they kept following me sunday afternoon. hmmm, celeste did that at summer cha....

met tina cockburn, mother of the adorable little girl on the most current issue of simple scrapbooks. i wish i'd had more opportunity to visit with her. i got to meet rachel gainer early in the show and give her a booth tour. :) i also got to say quick hi's to angie and wendy on the last day. angie had stopped by the booth earlier that day but i was GONE. i was crestfallen. and i didn't get the note until after the "meet the editors" event was over. i thought it was at 2. it was at noon. but i chased a group of them down as they were leaving, rachel probably thought i was some kind of monster with the noises she heard behind her. i really was chasing them down.

here's everyone doing the barbie wave, my roomies heather, vivian and erin played along as well, erin got a little tired of it i guess.

another shot, sans wave (ha ha, sans serif is the favorite font type of many of these ladies).

me and celeste, love this girl.

wendy and stacy were walking by and i was rude and interrupted them to say hi. sorry ladies. but i got to show stacy around the booth and get a picture. i'm too scared to ask any of the other editors to get my picture taken with them, but i suddenly have no fear of stacy.


Erin said...

have you noticed my eyes are closed in every picture? Serious issues here....lovin your picture posts!

rachel carlson said...

SWEET photos! hugs, rach

*Paula* said...

you nut. :D