Monday, February 18, 2008

studio calico sightings

the thing i love about cha the most is running into people that you have met online and becoming real life friends in such a short time. here's some pictures with a bunch of friends i've made over at studio calico, the kit club i belong to. the only thing i regret... i didn't get any pictures with my late night google talk buddy, nicole harper. what's up with that? i saw her plenty. no nik, this doesn't mean anything. i promise.

at dinner on tuesday night where we waited and waited and waited and had to order cheesecake three times because they were always out. joy had headed home by this time.

on the last day, scarlett, april and greg came by the oa booth to return my lucky slice teeshirt--not lucky for them unfortunately.

me and laura fiore. we've been friends since way before the studio calico days, but i thought i'd throw this picture in here because we were in a sc gathering when this was taken. it was so much fun to get to visit with laura more this cha. last july was a bit hurried.

the cutest brit around. kirsty wiseman was a doll to come find me in my oa booth. it was great to finally meet her.

my roomie and the best one you could ask for seeing as we really didn't know each other at all before this. erin got in on mary kay's pass and she turned out to be absolutley wonderful. anytime you need a roommate erin, we'll make room.

caroline ikeji, joy madison and davinie fiero in a "caroline" shot. notice the tilt and the pursed lips. only caroline got that memo. :) so fun to hang with caroline and look for kit ideas. what an amazingly nice gal. i was pleasantly surprised at how dang focused and nice she was. (i thought she'd be a flightly youngster. not at all.) loved her! (notice c, no words to describe how tiny or cute you are.) and i didn't recognize davinie at first, but now i would know her in a crowded room. and joy, well we all just think joy's mad cool.

and me and dav. what more can i say. ok, yah, i look really good :). hee hee.

anyone have a picture of me and nik?


Davinie said...

Lovely. For some reason, I don't have a single photo on my camera from Greg on Tuesday night. My camera was around his neck but somehow was missed! ACK!

Amy Coose said...

LOVE the pics, Em!

Erin said...

you're too cute Emily! Love these pics and I'd love to be your roomie again. I had so much fun with you girls!

Nicole said...

i don't have one of us either, Em.



Caroline said...

yay :)
i love the tilted shot in which i did not get the memo. hahaha.

rachel carlson said...

great work with all the photos!

Mary Kay said...

There is not. a. single. photo. of. me.

What the heck? Apparently, I don't rate, simply because you see me all the time. :P

Mary Kay said...

Now are you going to need to do a "Mary Kay loves me, she really does" post so people know I was joking?

Laura Fiore said...

Awww, so glad you have the one of us Em! I need to see if I can copy from your blog here!

Hey, was Mary Kay just being mean to you? ;-)

*Paula* said...

Woah! I'm glad you put that comment in there about looking at the other posts because I completely missed them!! It looked like so much fun! Promise you'll introduce me to everyone in July - k?