Wednesday, October 15, 2008

never judge a book by its cover

using october's studio calico kit, for the journaler's junction challenge. e's always been my child that will read a book even if it's "old." he's found the reason they are called "classics." it makes me really happy. it's a little harder getting a to read one. i KNOW she'd love anne of green gables. but it's like pulling teeth to get her to read it. she's a voracious reader, i am grateful for that, but trying to convince her there's more out there has been difficult. any thoughts?


Vivian said...

Yay for Ethan! As for Annie, have you tried bribing her? ;) I loved the Anne of Green Gables books! I must have read those a zillion times!

Etta said...

No advice since my children can't read yet. But this LO is FABULOUS!

Heather said...

reverse psychology?? ;-)

Shari said...

I have methods for this:

1. Have her watch a good movie version of the novel (the Anne of GG movie is terrific, as movies go). If she likes it, she's more likely to pick up the book.

2. Similarly, have her listen to it on tape or cd.

3. Read a few chapters out loud. If it hooks her, she'll finish it herself or pester you to read more. (I know, it's hard to get a teen to let you read to them.) I've sometimes accomplished this when we're all trapped in the car on a road trip and I will read out loud (ostensibly) to Jim. The kids get interested in the story too.

Becky said...

That is such a fab layout!
And I am trying really hard to get to the journaling challenge, have any pics I can borrow?