Saturday, December 27, 2008

a child of the 70s and 80s

for christmas, we got the family a wii fit, and i think i'm the one that is most excited about it. it took a week of getting to target just after they opened each morning, but i finally got it, and now my family laughs at me when i play it. but it is SO MUCH FUN! my favorite aerobic game is definitely the super hula hoops, i'm very good,funny, i wasn't that good as a kid in the seventies, i've definitely improved. the step dancing one is pretty funny as well, it's just like the dancing we learned at school then church dances, left to right, right to left. it's very boring according to a and e, but i'm enjoying it immensely, i was a kid when step aerobics began! i'm terrible at boxing, but i vow to get that one down, it's quite intriguing. i've always wanted to know how to box, honestly. as for the the other activities, yoga is lovely, i stink at upper body and core strength training, am pretty good at leg and arm strenght, and the balance games are quite fun. i love the penguin balance game and tight rope walking (despite my fear of heights). not so good at snowboarding, but i'll get it. i woke up sore on friday and saturday morning, so i know i'm doing something right. there's something not annoying about a step board coaching you along. i definitely recommend it if you're wavering.

tonight is the reveal for studio calico's january kit. another case where if you're wavering, i'd definitely recommend it. i LOVE this kit. i love the layouts that i created with it, some of my all time favorites! there are exclusive studio calico papers in this kit, they are wonderful!

here's a picture of the kit, it's still available and the glossary and footnotes addons are as well, but they won't last long if history holds true...

this is one of the stamps you can buy separately, it's so cool! it sells for $5.50 and you can get it in the shop.

one of my favorites, this is the one i put together then added the picture.

not my favorite, but i really liked getting one of my favorite new years traditions down on paper. it's a little too busy for me, but i love the library card stamp so much!

another of my favorites. how could a page about my sweetie not be a favorite?

started as a joke, but it makes me smile every time i see it. it's funny how people become friends, and i love that gillian is one of mine.

this one came together so easily. i just love how happy it feels, a perfect tribute to my amazing parents.

not my favorite, not sure why i included it :)

love this one though. do you get it? the U is a different color and there's a 2 inside it. congratulations to you :) i was so proud of myself!


Mary Kay said...

Fabulous, as usual! And you make me want to subscribe to Studio Calico, even though I OWN A SCRAPBOOK STORE. :P

Word veri: pirpsins

Natasja said...

Hi sweet Em, hope you had a lovely Christmas. We did a lot of playing on the WII as well :)

Love your layout, all of them ;)


Vivian said...

Wonderful work, Emily! Love the one of your parents with that bike peeking out behind the title.

Emilie Ahern said...

Love that first layout.

Emilie Ahern said...

Word Verication: A List

Very appropriate.

Renata Moni said...

Ho, from Brazil!
love your work! Great LOs!!!
happy 2009!

*Paula* said...

I think MK said it best :) She cracks me up. You, on the other hand, inspire me. You genius you ;)

word verif: ditate.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

fabulous-ness all around! i can't pick a favorite! :D Happy New Year!

Lyn said...

Wow I really love your layouts for SC this month, esp. the She Cried layout. The colors in this kit are so fab, can't wait til it arrives!

Leslie said...

I've wondered about the Wii Fit. I think I would love it. Hmmm. After your review, I'm really wondering . . . I love your layouts. You are amazing. You need to only post one layout at a time so I can comment on each one. :-) They're beautiful. Just like you. Happy New Year my friend.

Kendra said...

Our boys got Wii for Christmas and Wii Fit is going to be a must have. We've heard so many good things about it!

That G is a hoot! So that layout is my favorite. : )

Houston said...

Love those layouts and your new banner! Isn't Wii Fit great, I love the step one, no one can see me fall off in my own home:)

Julie said...

I am so glad you love your wii fit. I love mine. I am the champ at the hula hoops in our house. What is your high score? I love the slolam skiing, too. Hope to talk to you soon!

Nicole Samuels said...

We got a wii for Christmas and I've been wondering about wii fit. Thanks for the review! I'm even more intrigued now! :) Love your layouts this month, Emily... you come up with such cool ideas!

Carrielyn said...

Very cool... Love the layouts! And as far as the wii fit goes, we are big fans at our house too. My son (5) LOVES it, and totally gets into the movements.

Heather said...

you tickle my funny bone. Love the pages, of course. :-) And I love my wii fit too!