Saturday, December 13, 2008

netflix, sneak night, and been sick

tonight you'll get a peak at the january kit at studio calico. 12 midnight EST. it's the most gorgeous kit i've worked with to date AND it has some exclusive to studio calico papers. and they are amazing, named after things coming from a classic movie, starring a guy we happened to be watching in another movie last weekend. we are netflix geeks, love that we can get anything we want in a matter of days. right now we are on a house, md. and pushing daisies kick. but we did put the maltese falcon on our list and watched it with the kids last weekend. i love that movie! we also watched north by northwest, i know why they call these movies classics!

boring, but partly the reason i haven't updated in a few weeks: i've been sick. a long, drawn out cold w/ stuffy sinuses quickly followed by a short lived (thank you) intestinal bug have plagued me for the last couple of weeks. i'm finally starting to feel better. and you don't have to comment on being sick. i'm ok :)

oh, and if you need another reason to drop by studio calico tonight, here's a blog giveaway they're doing over there, click here:


*reyanna klein* said...

Oooh, you're totally making me excited about the January kit! Yay!

House and Pushing Daisies?! A girl after my own heart. Those are the only shows (along with Friends) that I could watch over and over and over. We don't have a TV, so we have to rent them and watch them on my computer, but I don't mind because then I can watch them in a row. LOL.

I'm so sorry you've been sick! Hope you're feeling better soon. (Oh! And love your blog's new look! Very purty! :D )

Suzy said...

When the AFI came out with their top 100 films, we tried to watch the whole list. We didn't make it (we maybe did half) but we saw a lot of great movies in the process and we definitely love that Netflix lets us be lazy and not have to make trips to the video store. :)

OK, enough of the Netflix endorsements before I start to resent that I'm paying them instead of the other way around!