Friday, January 30, 2009

here i am soundtrack

i named my blog "here i am, here i am" because i was humming the "where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin?" song on the day i decided to blog. why i was humming that particular little ditty, i'm not sure, but in the humming of it, i thought that phrase would be a fun blog title. i knew i'd not be blogging about strictly scrapbooking, so i found the title to be nonrestrictive and happy. only problem? i remembered the phrase correctly, it was yoda grammar actually. "here am i, here am i" just didn't have the same ring, so i decided to keep to the original phrase.

one day, whilst searching for music online, i googled the name of my blog and found this very cool song called here i am, here i am by a group that i can't remember. they had it available for listening on their website. i always meant to buy it. i never did, and now i cannot find it anywhere. i was lamenting the fact last night and to make myself feel better, i decided to find other songs with the phrase in their title. i came up with a few, added the playlist gadget to my sidebar for your listening pleasure.

if you know what the name of the band is that i originally found, i'd be forever greatful for you to share that information with me. it was two words i think, and their was a guy's name in it, i think it started with a "j." but until then, go ahead and listen to my songs, any suggestions would be great!

i will do a CHA recap very soon, it was delifghtful in every way! have to catch up on life first.


Candice said...

I like it, Em! & I need to sing "Where is Thumbkin" to my 2-yr-old. I don't think he's heard it yet.

mari said...

so nice to have found your blog!

you norwegian friend:)