Thursday, March 12, 2009

some more card goodness

just to allay any fears, my last post with the great quote, well everything is fine in my life, but i found that quote while surfing the web on this fun website (one of those that celeste would love) called things to save and it spoke to me. so i really am ok :)

busy making more cards for the SC blog challenge, which is to use up at least two whole sheets of paper by making cards. Here are some of my examples:

This is why I love pleating paper strips: you can use a whole 12 inch length on a traditional 4.25 by 5.5 sized card! If you just put a strip on the card, you'd only use about 5 inches, pleating it allows you to get rid of more paper! How can that not make you happy? :)

Another way to use up lots of paper? Punch a bunch of squares and add a bit of stitching:

The perfect solution for all those little bits of scraps is the paper crazy quilt. It takes a little bit of time, but the overlapped look is a very fun way to use up scraps.

Adding dimension means you're using more paper. Notice how many butterflies I fit into one small area? I punched three strips of paper 1.25 by 12 inches and fit almost all the butterflies on this card, just making the wings three dimensional allows for a bit more room.

cut and paste, gotta love it!

and anyone is welcome to play, even if you don't subscribe to SC. i'm honestly surprised at how much fun it's been to work through these challenges. i have one more, you'll have to check back on saturday to find out what it is! :)


gillian said...

Would you please teach me how to pleat? I'm pleating challenged. It's really quite pathetic.

CAYUTE cards, woman!


Houston said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Just like you Em, great cards, love that quilting one!

Mandy said...

Love your cards!!Love the pleating and the butterflies!

Aly D said...

you're a genius! i love these!

lisa dickinson said...

look at you, you crazy card maker. i love them all. and the fact that they use up lots-o-paper? swoon!

Kimberly said...

You are the cardmaking...ROCKSTAR!!! Everything you create just jumps at me though...LOVE these! xoxo

J@iM3 said...

Your cards ROCK!! Really love to participate but time do not permit this time round. I will try out by my own and still post it up when I'm done with it. Love all the cards!

Gigi said...

these are fabulous!! especially love that pleating idea...will have to try that soon! thanks!!



*reyanna klein* said...

Ohmigosh, I LOVE these cards! You ROCK at cards. Seriously, every one is simply fabulous! :)

Linda Beeson said...

These creations are just totally adorable! I just did some pleating this week - it is a fun accent.