Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it won't be the last time

i need to apologize to anyone who might come to my blog for inspiration and whatever else strikes me to post. see, i've been being a good mom this summer, spending more time with my children (who are quickly growing up and will be leaving home sooner than i'd even like to think about), and less time scrapping and doing creative things.

however, since studio calico's august kit arrived (holy fun kit!), and i've had some deadlines and projects for SCT, AND i'm contemplating trying out for the AC call, it's all forced me to attempt to squeeze in some creative time. that means no time for blogging. but i do promise to get back to it in the next month or two on a more regular basis.

my last post, the (dare i say riveting) one that garnered a single comment, that being an emotional response from MK that i'm thinking was a titch bit sarcastic, made me do some web surfing. i found that the food bank for the rockies is in need of volunteers. well i happen to have two children who are in need of doing some volunteer hours for school. ethan's been having the hardest time finding those opportunities because most places want their volunteers to be 14. not being even close to 14 and having to put in 20 hours of community service this year has been a bit tricky. mom failed to get him hooked up with the cub scout day camp volunteer opportunity that his sister had used for service hours when she was in middle school, it was a great volunteer gig for me because i could just drop her off and come back at the end of the day, easy peasy--but mom just couldn't do another week of day camp this year, so it got conveniently forgotten... so i sent a quick email to the volunteer coordinator, asking if she'd be flexible w/ the age if both myself and annie came along with him. she shot back saying sure, we'd be welcome to come.

does anyone notice the irony of this situation? we're off to volunteer as a family, minus dad. i didn't want to arrange another week of dropping ethan off and picking him up at cub scout day camp (no mom-time involved), instead i'm going to be volunteering along side the kids (that's 20 hours of mom-time). i know i'll enjoy it and be glad i did it, i just didn't start this whole thing looking for another way to fill up my time... oh well. it's a good cause.

i will leave you with a picture of what we did last week (a la jessica sprague--whose photo editing class i decided i'd have enough time to do as well--happily it's been low key and easy and i've actually learned a few new tricks, like the treatment i did below), and next week i'll have a layout or two for you. aren't you excited?


MAM said...

Good luck on the AC Design Team :)

*Paula* said...

Good for you :) I'll be around more in the fall too so I'll catch up with you then. If not before, like the week after next for instance ;)

Gigi said...

hey sweetie...see you soon!!!

& enjoy those creative & family endeavors :)



Mary Kay said...

That response was not the LEAST bit sarcastic. I DID tear up reading your last post-- so there.

I'm enjoying Jessica's class, too... I have another I've paid for; now to make time for that one, too!

Julie said...

When are you going to teach me your new tricks? :)