Sunday, September 27, 2009

looking through the must have yearbook!

the bad news: i didn't have enough time to play with this kit. i didn't even break out my favorite sassafras lass paper. :*( i had to spend my free time getting the basement primed and painted. and you know, there really are too many little tiny details involved in that process.

the good news: i'll definitely have time to get back to this kit this week because i've got some projects that need to happen!

here are my pages and project for studio calico's year book kit. this particular scrapbooking kit club makes me very happy. this day i documented did not. i had planned that we'd go up to chautauqua in boulder to get all these great photos. probably because i'd spent too much time online, we didn't get out of the house early enough, i got lost in boulder, we could only see daddy for lunch for 30 minutes because i got lost, i got lost again trying to find chatauqua and ended up in boulder canyon, then we ran into rainstorms. an hour of sitting in the car and it finally cleared up but then it was too sunny, i had my camera on aperature mode unknowingly (and didn't adjust for that so i got some very overexposed shots), the kids were tired and the day ended horribly. i don't get mad very often, but this day i got mad. we endured a quiet ride home, but then we all apologized and talked about what we'd learned and promised to try harder next time. not to excuse myself, but PMS played a serious role that day. i scrap all the happy moments, i saw these pictures and decided i needed to scrap the frustrating ones as well. this uses the main and science fair.taken straight from my blog post about ethan and his pencils. uses the main and science fair. that scroll is journaling pulled from that post and printed on notebook paper.

{removed for publication}

i did this layout in less than an hour. i misted. i love it. picture from the same day as the "painful" layout. annie's growing up and will be on her own sooner than i care to think about. this is part of my attempt to make sure she remembers the important things.
this started out as a joke, but the more i though about it, the more i realized it would be really cool. i'd been telling ronda that i loved these jillibean buttons so much, i should just put one on a canvas and call it good. it would make me happy just looking at it. you can see it did evolve a bit, but it's still pretty focused on the button and happiness. i used claudine hellmuth's paints and gel medium and the stamp in the main kit to do the orange stamped background. the quote, which i made up myself, *ahem* was printed backwards and i used the gel medium to transfer it to the canvas. not perfect, but it still worked. :) funny story: you need to use laser jet images with this technique, so i printed off my quote and headed to office max to make a $.09 copy. i left with the copies and a wide format printer–it was $100 off! when i got home, i realized the image was not printed backward so i had to go back. the lady the helped me said she could have reversed the image there instead of me having to go back home and do it. doh!

and that my friends, is what i did with the kit.

i have so much more to blog about. i'll be back tomorrow.


Jen said...

They are all cute.....Love the pencil proliferation.

Suzy said...

I have my eye on a wide format printer too! I keep saying that I'll buy it as a treat for myself when the basement is finished and I set up shop down there. :)

Stephanie said...

Dude. I'm so in love with, I mean your stuff. Scrappy girl crushes are totally okay, right?

(I am TOTALLY digging the rain-y layout. It's divine.)

*Paula* said...

Hey, it that one with the pencils the one where you were doing a "Paula"? :D I love it!

meganklauer said...!!! The rain one just knocks my socks off!

Lulu said...

Awesome pages as usual this month!! :)

lisa truesdell said...

love all of these. so lovely.

Joanie said...

I sooooo love your style!!!!! You have gotten me hooked on misting sprays!!!!
Hope you are feeling better!

natalia said...

Hi!!! I really love your scrap!!! It's fabulous! I do like so much your page "dont forget 2 pray"...So beautiful! I 've organized a scraplift with your page on a french forum and all the girls love your creation!
For me, your scrap is full of inspiration! thanks!!!