Saturday, May 1, 2010

THREE of THREE (studio calico)

i have three different things to tell you about this fine NSD. and they are all EQUALLY important, but since i don't have columns in my blog, i'm going to have three separate posts. one first, one second and one third. so don't stop reading until you come to number 3. then you can go and and conquer the world!

i'll list all three here, but please if this is NOT the post you're looking for, scroll down a bit, you'll find it in the next two posts i'm sure!
  1. studio calico's NSD challenge in this post
  2. crate paper's iPod treasure hunt giveaway
  3. scrapbook and cards today one year subscription giveaway and scavenger hunt.

ready for number 1?

the festivities at studio calico include a live chat with from 10 until 5 EST, so go check that out. they also include a challenge from each team member, see all the girls' challenges on the SC blog.

here's my challenge:

i love perusing flickr and tumblr for inspiration. some of the flickr groups i belong to on flickr include typography, design, and crafting groups. my tumblr name is emily g. pitts and i've linked you to my personal page, but you can definitely explore it on your own. whenever i find an image on flickr that i love, i'll link it to my tumblr board so i can find it in the future for inspiration. well this weekend, i'm challenging you to find inspiration from online and use it on a page. this is the inspiration piece i used for my layout, don't forget to give credit to your inspiration piece if at all possible.

you have until 12 midnight MST.

there will also be a "bring a friend thread" where if you have a friend subscribe. look for that thread on the message boards as well. for the the specific challenge see this post.

you will not be able to link your creations to this post, so if you don't have an SC account, now is a great time to join. :) i hope you have fun with this challenge!
this is the layout i made for my challenge. you'll see it in all three posts because i used it for all three challenges :)

this is what i pulled from the inspiration piece:
  • color scheme
  • office supply background
  • tilts
i'm working on a second one, i'll add it here when i'm done.

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