Saturday, June 26, 2010


my house is lovely, really, but i see pictures of rooms online that i swoon over and so i decided instead of swooning, i'd do something about it. most of my decorating happened when i unpacked boxes moved from WA state 5 years ago. it's not the most thoughtful of displaying ever done. i've just always put off "decorating" because i was never sure of my personal style. but the swooning made me realize it really doesn't matter. just find things that make you happy and go with it.

so me and etsy spent some time together and i got this:

and this:

the tangerine poster wasn't exactly what i expected, i thought it was metal and would hang nicely on a wall. it's paper and needs to be framed, but i'll get around to that. the metal 4 symbolizes the four of us, and i love that it says tax incl. :)

they came this week. i'll upload a picture once i get the tangerines framed.

but they make me happy.


Monika said...

My rule: if it makes me happy, just go for it. I love the number symbolism, we do 3 {kids} and 5 {family} a lot here at the Wright's!

So, I am sure your art will look fab wherever it finds its place in your home.

abbey said...

Ooooh... i can't wait to see what you do with them. That "4" sign is to die for...