Saturday, June 26, 2010

playing with sass

as a part of the WCS collective, we are sometimes invited to create projects to showcase the giveaway for that week. marnie, master coordinator of at WCS, and all around great gal, sent me the sweet marmalade collection to create some stuff for the WCS giveaway last week. she'd coordinated with the sassafras group to offer the collection to one lucky reader.

i always cringe when i see sassafras stuff because it's SO bright and crazy. but then i start working with it and i fall deeply in love. i've learned to stop going with my first impression and just start cutting. i made this garland for my front room window, it was a rather easy punch and glue together on a string sort of thing, but it makes me very happy. i complain mightily at the banner/garland trend on scrapbook pages, but i love them in my house. doesn't make sense, but i've stopped trying to figure out things like that.

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Monika said...

Just 2 days before your project posted at w.c.s., the girls and I were punching and stringing and gluing scallops back to back for a fun art project/take up some time in the heat of the day decorating project. Then I saw yours and wished that I had a humongous flower punch like yours. Someday.