Sunday, June 27, 2010

pink slipping for july

somehow i missed this email from april, but with the giveaway this month, i thought it might be prudent to point out there are more stamps being pink slipped. some of them are already gone, like the carter alpha and the coffee stain stamp, but there are some very useful ones still available. so if you buy a pink slipped stamp this month and next, you can get a sheet of home front alphas free. two birds, one stone.

the list includes:
the sentiments set
the ferris wheel/bracket set

the tricycle
the typeset set

star/journal block
instead of using it for journaling, i used the block a little differently, instead it's more of a scene anchor on this card.
and the stars are just useful no matter what.

heart/tag set


Kimber-Leigh said...

emily, your projects this month are amazing. (and those memo pins almost sold me on that addon too...but i had to be good this month!)

Sasha Holloway said...

Love them .. awesome as always .. glad to follow such amazing inspiration