Sunday, June 27, 2010

revealing my continental gallery

i got the magellan add on because of the tim holtz pins. but then i saw this little holder for the MM travel stickers and immediately knew i wanted to make a mini for our trip to DC a few years ago. i asked annie to pick some of her favorite pictures from the trip and tell me why she picked each of them. i'm not quite done with this, i ran out of steam, but i will finish it, it's just cute. there's some places for her to add her own notes, but she didn't want to do the journaling, she said she liked my handwriting better. i cut paper to fit, folded each sheet in half and stitched each section in with my machine. then i stamped with the journaling lines stamp and made the pages look like a lines notebook. i love the look! i inked the basic grey alphas from magellan, those babies are so flexible!

my second project, the one i went totally tim holtz on. SO MUCH FUN! i love it when i can get a maya road product and do it justice. i started the idea of tickets, found a quote that spoke to me, tried to fit it onto the four tickets and voila. the quote says: be your own hero, it's cheaper than a movie ticket. --doug horton. good huh? i got pretty messy, but it was fun to do. i traced and adhered the paper, cleaned up all the edges with the precision files, the circle one was really nice for the holes and curved edges of a ticket. the papers were a little bright, so i added a thin thin thin layer of gesso to each one, stitched across the alphas to add more texture, then i inked everything up using the blending tool, it's very grungy. i also changed some of the alphas, either w/ paint ("hero"), mist ("own") or ink and blender tool ("movie"). once i had everything where i wanted it, i added a layer of gel medium to seal it.

this is me and kelly, playing a duet. it's been the nicest surprise. we both play the piano, he's much better than i am, but i'm a better sight reader. we've never really done duets before, but once we got the new piano, we've been playing a couple times a week. it's a sweet plus to buying that piano. i was going to just stop at the title, i probably should have. :) i misted the twill from magellan and probably shouldn't have. :)

this one used all the main. the journaling says it all.
products used:
zig zag border punch

this one was inspired by lisa dickinson's ebook, design basics from ella publishing. she had a page with her son's school work on it. i have lots of my kids' school work, but have never actually put them on a page. behind the block of text, i've slid his teacher's grading sheet. the photos were taken long before the assignment was written, but they worked together nicely. you don't always have to match photo with journaling to tell the story.

the journaling says it all on this one. i'm really glad i finally got this done, when we went to the FDR memorial, i knew i wanted to document my son's respect for this president. once i finally did it, ethan and had a really good discussion of what makes a hero.

annie loves to change her facebook pic often, and the other day i noticed her "about me" section and thought it would be fun to capture her right now. she's such a fun kid. i loved how smearing the paint across the embossed paper looks, i love tina for showing me how to smear paint. :)

products used:
modern red paint
label stamp set (from magellan)
faded jeans ink
month stamp set
label punch


Monika said...

And I thought you said you don't do mini albums? Gaw-juss! And the tag idea has me wanting to do the same thing, so, so inventive!

*Paula* said...

You are so awesome. Wow. Jaw-droppingly perfect.
Dare I call you a...genius?

Kimber-Leigh said...

beautiful emily. i love your gallery this month!

nicole said... totally outdid yourself this each and everything you did. would love to have once out of your talent. =)
(did i make you blush...haha).
great job!!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

my favorite - icing! :)

Shemaine Smith said...

Oh wow...Steve Miller...LOVE IT!

Elizabeth said...

that piano layout.
love. it.