Sunday, August 29, 2010

wandering the back 40

supplies: back 40, open pasture, harvest moon, silver plated mist, jet black stazon, charcoal black paint
i was flipping through old pictures and found this one, not a great shot by any stretch of the imagination, i couldn't remember why i'd taken it, and when i turned it over, it didn't help much. the text on the back is just under annie's arm, that's all i'd written. but the idea came to flip the pumpkin stamp upside down and make speech bubbles, and this seemed to be the perfect picture to do so on. i sprayed a bunch of silver plated mist on bubble wrap and stamped it along the side of the page. i also heavily doused the black frame and let it dry. it took about 10 minutes. i silhouetted the photo because the background was dark and cluttered.i channeled tina azsmus, hoping it would work out like her lovely silhoutted layouts. i think i did a decent job.

this next one is a card, obviously? i thought the stamp would be really cute  all by itself. i was right. i love the hands free slice tool, i've used my slice more in the last two months than in the last two years because of it! and i love the zig zag border punch, it makes the perfect pinked edge :)

supplies: spiced marmalade ink, stazon jet black ink, lime baker's twine, zig zag punch
supplies:  open pasture, mustard seed ink, faded jeans ink, pumice ink, blending tool, and blending foam
does this one look familiar? i made the background when i was filming the blending technique tutorial. i didn't plan it, but the colors worked so well with that sassafras paper, i figured why not? this is a phrase i use a lot and i decided it was about time to make a layout using it as well.

supplies: back 40, pumice ink
this one was came about because i was flipping through an art journal magazine. it's rather freeing to flip through one of those, and the loose tilts and angles of this just happened. as little girls, we were very scared of my grandpa's loud sneezes, when my sister sent me this picture, that was the first thing i thought of. but looking closer i realized this was taken on our back deck, it was summer, melissa has a present in her hands, and i'm betting really heavily that david is about a year old. that's what inspired the birthday present background. the bow is really easy to make, i found a tutorial on flickr using recycyled magazines, but paper works just as well. i know it will get smooshed in a photo album, but don't they all end up looking that way anyway? :) it makes me happy.

supplies: back 40, open pasture, pumice ink

and finally, my two pager, inspired by the CK sept cover layout by maggie holmes. since our guest designer this month was megan hoeppner, creative editor at the magazine, we all based one layout on her choice of inspiration pieces from the magazine. we were in the swiss alps during harvest time and got to see some really interesting daily routines. we even saw an 80 year old man (ok, i'm assuming he was in his 80s) riding up the hill on a red scooter with a scythe over his shoulder, grinning. it was priceless. my camera wasn't turned on so i missed getting a shot.

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Marti's World said...

Love, love, love them all, my dear! My favorite is "oh that makes me happy".

Lexi said... that you turned the pumpkin stamp into quote bubbles, love the simplicity of that card, and that 2 pager is perfect! I have 2-pager phobia :)

Caryl Hope said...

Turning the pumpkin stamp upside down... GENIUS! Did I ever tell you I LOVE your work? :-D

debbieback said...

your gallery is always a fav. for me. love how your so creative. (pumpkin chat bubbles !~)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i adore your blended background piece.. i've been tryin with no luck! lol.