Saturday, February 18, 2012

happy birthday kimber!

i'm honored and a bit thrilled to be participating in a blog hop for kimber mcgray's 40th birthday. without getting too sappy, i'll just say i love kimber. there was this one time when i was crying and she got all momma bear on me and well, i really needed that. and i will love her forever because of it. there. moving on.

you should be here from the lovely melissa phillips' blog.

i love it when my birthday is on a saturday. i think you would too mrs. mcgray, lots of time to party. :) hope you have a lovely day and an even lovelier year. this means we would have been in the same high school graduating class if we'd lived by each other. i am sure we would have been BFFs. 

head on to katrina's blog now. if at any time you get lost, you can always head back to the jillibean soup blog for a master list of hoppers.


*Paula* said...

What an adorable card Em! Love it!

Kimber McGray said...

Ok, I give up! lol.
I have tried to leave 2 other comments and see nothin'! ;)

Em, you KNOW we would have been great friends if we went to HS together.

Love ya!!!

Lisa Angela said...

so pretty

FrancineB said...

Fabulous card!

Benwah said...

What a cute card. I don't know why but cards with vintage pictures always make me smile. Very sweet.