Friday, June 29, 2012

lots of scrappy photos thanks to cocoa daisy

cocoa daisy had their july reveal for a fabulous kit called note to self last night. i made a mini album with my cocoa daisy kit this month. it turned out well. i am happy with it. i'm also very happy with my layouts. this was a great kit, the patterns were right up my alley, lately i'm way more into embellishments than patterned papers, but I really liked the ones we got this month. stripes and chevrons are my favorites and we got a lot of them. 

the kits go on sale to subscribers on the 28 at 9 PM EST, we had an overwhelming response, meaning there won't be much left over when the kit goes on sale to the general public on the 1st at midnight. so if you really have to have something, i suggest you are first in line. i got the main kit as well as the pencil in add on. it's a good neutral add on, nothing too bright to clash with the main. i used to stay away from neutral add ons, but i've learned my lesson, neutrals are a color driven scrapper's best friend. it also had two more alphabets! i love as many alphas as i can get my hands on, they make for delightfully wonky titles, like this one below. thanks to annie for providing me the topic. the photo isn't from when she got her wisdom teeth out, it was a few days later. it was perfect though, had to use it. wisdom teeth photo sessions don't happen in our house to protect the innocent. she was trying to say, "i want pork!" but gauze and anesthesia will do that to you. :)

this next layout is from our two days in london. kelly said getting photos like this would give me street cred with my british friends. i was a reluctant subject. not too into the typical touristy thing. i felt like an idiot standing there next to a guy who's not supposed to pay any attention to you at all. but i did it. do i have street cred now paula?

and here is my mini. and the lots of photos part of this post. i did a mini based on the facts i found on's home page. the number of things in wales versus the number of those things we saw/took pictures of. it was super easy to compile, i had a tag, a round thing or two, and a button or brad on each header page, then tried to put a date sticker, a stripe of green cardstock and something buttony or brad like on the picture pages. not a lot of journaling. it was fun to do. a start to getting the vacation recorded. a mini album. me.

photo courtesy the internet

and there you have it. i loved this kit, it was easy to come home from traveling and put projects together, i didn't struggle at all. that's the best kind of scrapping!

have a lovely weekend!


Margrethe said...

I love seeing some new projects from you, Emily! The wisdom teeth-layout had me snickering :)

Live a Life EXTRAordinary said...

Looks like you had a lovely trip mle! I love all of your creations, but especially your handwriting! :) The mini is fabulous!!!!

Denise said...

that is the best kind of scrapping! love what you've made :)

Marie/Mison said...

Great projects Em! Love what you´ve done with the kit. Hope my lands in the mailbox during the week.

Debbi Tehrani said...

Such awesome projects. Your work is so fun and clever!

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

I haven't done a mini book in a long time, Love Yours!

Sherry C said...

You've been on a roll - fabulous projects!