Friday, August 17, 2012

recapping summer

Oh my goodness, how time does fly.

It's been a very busy summer and I hope to go more in depth with the different topics, but here's a quick recap:

1. Wales for a week and London for two days. Awesome.
South Wales, by Cardiff

Northwest Central Wales, by Pennel
I mentioned it in another post, it was a wonderful trip with my parents. To have the kids get to know their grandparents on a different level was so special. Here's a couple of pictures, because everyone likes pictures. It's impossible to capture Wales in just one picture, these don't even do it justice. A lovely little country. I think I need to blog more and share our trip... 

2. Chicago for CHA. Good times with good people.

This is Maya Road on our last day of the show. We were tired. Even in the morning I look tired. :) It was a hard working show, but we got to play a lot too. We went into Chicago a couple of times and that was a riot. I love the opportunities I've had at this company, the people I get to work with, and I am excited for what's next with them. It's a good fit for me.

3. Cocoa Daisy. Growing in amazing ways.

Let's just say I was struggling with whether or not to leave a very safe scrapping home and come here. I should have come the first time they asked. I am loving Cocoa Daisy. I came over a year ago as their Social Media Director and took to it like a duck in water. This summer, I took on more marketing responsibilities (who knew that Business class in college would pay off for an English major?), and the end of July I was asked to be the DT lead coordinator. It's been so much fun. We have an amazing team and the members are awesome. Our little online community is growing. I've found a home at Cocoa Daisy. It's nice to be appreciated. I can do amazing things when I know I'm appreciated.

4. Utah for Julia and Ryan's wedding. THE BEST.

My sister held her standards high and it took a lot longer than she had hoped, but she found the most awesome husband and they were sealed in the Bountiful LDS temple for time and all eternity on the 4th of August. She got a sweet deal with these two little boys added in. She has been a 2nd mom to my kids, I've seen her in action with kids, she loves with her whole heart and you KNOW you are adored when Aunt Julia smiles at you. These three guys have no idea just how blessed they are. But they'll soon find out :) It's such a gift to see my sister so happy.

5. Getting ready for school.

I have a Senior and a Freshman. In High School. Aside from the mountainous fees because my senior is taking 3 AP classes (it will pay off, one less semester of college...), I'm so happy with where these two are at right now. I think I pulled the lucky stick in heaven when I got these two because they are truly awesome kids. Their commitment to their Heavenly Father is humbling as a parent. They are confident in who they are. They still adore each other. They make our life a joy. See? They are not normal teenagers. I know that. I know I'm blessed :)

6. Some scrapping. 
For Jillibean Soup

Ha! That's putting it lightly. I think I've scrapped more this summer than any other. I just couldn't share a lot of it until now. I made layouts for:
  •  Maya Road's booth at CHA
  • a class I co-taught on Telling Stories for Debbie Hodge's Masterful Scrapbook Design in July (I think this saved me actually. I found the love for scrapping again because of this class)
  • some work for Simple Stories
  • an assignment for Scrapbook and Cards Today Fall issue--coming out next month!!!! (a layout that I just love, it's the first time I designed for me and not to please an editor--I know, I have a disease. But I caught it early on as a magazine submitter with Simple Scrapbooks and it's been hard to shake. I'm getting over it--and guess what? My editor loved it! I don't know why I should be surprised.)
  • a guest designer gig at Jillibean Soup (going on now, I love their CHA S12 release a little bit more than anyone should. I am amazed at how dang creative it's made me!)
  • all my Cocoa Daisy assignments.
  • a second class on Style for Masterful Scrapbook Design coming up in the fall.
    My Maya Road canvas. Something different and fun to do.
    Maybe I'll use the others as fodder for updating my blog on a regular basis come fall. Hee hee. 

    Until then, know I'm in a good place right now. Life is awesome and full. 


    Danielle Higginbottom-Brown said...

    Yay! I am so happy for you Emily!!!! I miss your work at SC, but I stalk your work at CD!!!! Hugs!

    Sherry C said...

    Wow, what an amazing summer! Congrats on all your scrappy accomplishments. I've loved getting to know you at CD - you're one of the reasons I love it there!

    Elizabeth said...

    Fun update, Emily : ) Love all your photos, and to hear about your cool kids, and those pages, too.

    Marie-Pierre said...

    Emily, what an honor to know that you've come over to my blog. And what a pleasure it was to read your comment! :) thank you so so much!

    Crystal Yocum said...

    I'm so so happy for you, Emily!!! You are amazing, one day I want to grow up to be just like you! :)

    Denise said...

    I can hear the excitement in this post and it makes me so happy.
    as in yes, let's be friends.
    we are!