Thursday, December 6, 2012

teasing you...

The mailman rang the doorbell yesterday afternoon, and I found a box from Catherine Tachdjian on my doorstep. It's always a treat to get that box. I had to share this time, so if you want to see the opening process, check out my Facebook video here.

This is the fun cover by Kimber McGrey, my awesomely talented friend. I've got a couple of layouts in the issue this time around. I'm really happy with both of them, they were fun to create and tell my family's stories. See them on pages 16 and 45. I am loving the recent redesign of the magazine fonts and format, some really fun playful elements throughout each issue.

Want to check them out for yourself? There are three ways to do that!

1. Subscribe
The thing I love about this magazine is the attention to detail. The photography is amazing, the colors are so rich throughout, the design work is top notch, and the articles are always a little more stepped up. But my favorite part continues to be the THICK paper the Catherine insists on. While you can always get the whole magazine as a free download, having a real live paper copy is soooooo satisfying. You just don't see magazines with such high quality paper anymore. It's something I've always been impressed by. Seems silly, but it really makes it a special experience to read through an issue. And in today's electronic world, it's nice to have a tactile experience once in a while. Subscribe for a year, and you can get your own copy, just like mine four times a year. It's a great deal too!

2. Win one
I'd love to share a copy with you, so please leave a comment here sharing with me about your dream scrapbooking class and I'll pick a winner next Wednesday, the 12th at noon MST.

3. Download 
Check out the free downloadable version, it's the ENTIRE magazine, front cover to back. 100% free. No hidden pages by subscription only. I love that!

And just in time for 2013, the 3rd Sketch Calendar collaboration between SCT and PageMaps is here! I Again, more gorgeous artwork and lots of inspiration from some amazing designers, such a great gift, to be enjoyed all year long!

Finally, I keep seeing that there's a BIG announcement coming up, I have not a clue what it is, but it's been suggested that we all sign up for the newsletter so we'll be in the know. I'm sure you're going to thank me, so here is the link to sign up:

Ha! I just did it myself and you get a little thank you post it note after you do it! How sweet!

I love this magazine!


Kelly Adams said...

Hi Em! My dream scrapbooking class would include all of the people whose work I admire -- I guess it would be more of an inspiration class for me. :-D

Diana Fisher said...

I signed up for the newsletter — love being in the know! :)

Marti Cobb said...

My dream scrapbooking class would be a hand lettering class with my dear friend, emily pitts. :)

Britt said...

I would so love to take a class that could manage to teach my stubborn brain how to STOP. I worry about so many aspects of pages looking "right" and wind up taking forever to get a page done. I so love the simplicity of other designer's pages, and would love for that to come more naturally to me!

Anonymous said...

I love this magazine too! :) I have no idea what my dream scrap class would be ... is there a class that can make more time in a day so that I can scrap? Probably more like a wish, I guess. :)

Lydia said...

There's a fourth way to get it, too! I get mine by shopping at one of these retailers:

I believe they advertise in SCT and receive copies to distribute.

April said...

My dream scrapbook class right now would probably be more of a time management class. For the love of bananas...find me time to scrap! ;)

Denise said...

Just saying hello.