Tuesday, September 3, 2013

taking a stroll down 5th & Main by Cocoa Daisy

Here are my full Cocoa Daisy's 5th & Main layouts. I really thought I'd posted them along with the sneaks because I'd written my last post and forgot to hit publish until the next day, but apparently that didn't really happen.... So here you are!

This first one is about how Annie became Annie, no longer simply "the baby." I'm a little nostaligic you know, so you get some momma sap this month. I've included the journaling below, don't mind the randomness of the capitalization. I've been trying to be better about capitalizing, for my dear father, the English teacher's sake, but I wrote the journaling in a font that didn't have capitals, then copied and pasted, so you get what you get. The navy and white striped heart card is exclusive from Simple Stories and may be my favorite ever. I also loved the gold embossed triangles stamp way more than I thought I would. :)

you didn’t have a name until about two weeks before you were born. we didn’t know if you’d be a girl or a boy. If you were a boy, we were going to call you ethan kelly, but we just couldn’t decide on a girl’s name. we liked a few names, but nothing felt right. dad liked the name addison, but I thought it was a boy’s name. i was talking to my dad on the phone and told him we were thinking annie might be in the running. he said he liked it too.
suddenly it was right. we decided we’d name you annie with the middle name of addison. i knew annie would sound good with pitts because of the actress annie potts who’d been in one of
my favorite movies, “pretty in pink.” and the annie you were named after, your great great grandmother was a woman you could look up to and emulate. after her husband Neil died, she supported and single-handedly raised six girls to be strong and independent women. When we told your great grandpa, allen williams, we were naming you after his mother-in-law, he cried. he admired and loved annie. it was said that the boys dated the
gardner girls so they could be around their mom, she was that amazing of a lady. it’s turned out to be the exact right name for you. we love you annie addison!
Speaking of capitalization, not really, but I'm happy to report I know the difference between capitol and capital. :) As seen below. This is another of the Simple Stories exclusives, the B side this time. It was perfect for the photos. I'd found them while cleaning my scraproom over the last few weeks. I print off photos and never use them, please tell me I'm not the only one. I thought they worked well with the kit though.

And this layout happened because Annie was packing her hair accessories and for some reason, these were left behind. Make me a little sad, but thought they might be happy here on a scrapbook page. More of the embossed triangles here, so much fun!

And I Skyped with Annie today. She sent me her first day of school picture, I was so impressed! She's doing great, we are really proud of all she's done on her own since we dropped her off a week ago. I just miss her something fierce. I guess that's a good thing to enjoy your kids that much, right?


Suz said...

Lovely layouts Emily! I especially love the first with all of your heartfelt journaling. I am just a few blinks of an eye away from where you are with my Ian. Sigh. Savor every second, yes?

Happy to read her first week went well and that you survived it! {Hugs}

Marti Cobb said...

I just love these, em. Beautiful.

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

Love the hair clips layout!