Friday, October 11, 2013

babbling about why i love these Jillibean Soup layouts

I've been on the Jillibean Soup team for a year now, but have been really bad about sharing my work here. I'm going to try harder to do that in the future.

I will be honest. I love scrapping for a kit club because I usually struggle with manufacturer lines that all match. Kit club designing means I can play with a wide variety of products from lots of different manufacturers. It's easy for me. Designing for manufacturers has been a different story. I have been on manufacturer DTs and enjoyed them a lot, but it's not been the easiest thing for me to design for my assignments because, well, the lines match. But I have loved Jillibean Soup! Jill likes the same bright colors I do and she makes lots of great embellishments. When I guest designed for them a year ago, it was so easy! I can say that same thing happens every month (almost).

Here are some of my favorite projects I've done for Jillibean Soup in the last year:

This one because it just fell together and that Sherry Vinegar green chevron paper is a favorite paper. I love the big yellow bow very much.

This one because my little flag with the twine fringe is very clever and I love the glitter confetti.

This one because I thought the title was clever. I love the mix and match of products and how I tied it all up together with a good length of twine, then tucked a journaling tag behind it all.

This one because of the gold embossing and the die cut pine needles. Also love that I was able to use a Bite Size Bit on a page, that's something I struggle with, but it worked here.

This one because it was a challenge to use as many different Jillibean products as we could. I think I got 54 things on one page. I was rather impressed with myself. Notice the word happy is spray painted gold? I think I love gold.

This one because she's so cute and I love the leaves and how the purple in her shirt is balanced by the pink striped paper behind the photo and the navy/purple die cut. And the title, I love that font and thought the "as played by Pitts" was funny. The flashcard worked so very well with the topic too.

This one because I'd cut the die cut out for a different layout and it just didn't work, but then it totally did with this design. I made this in under an hour. It just worked.

I just made this card for my October assignments. I love it because I finally figured out how to make the leaves look 3D :) And I adore that blue paper.

And this, another of my October assignments, I love because of the die cut diamonds that are really scraps from cutting the circles on the side. Don't you love great afterthoughts? And I love the "Loving this!" die cut because it adds the same movement to the design as my kids strutting side to side. I'd printed these photos years ago for another layout but it never happened.

For some reason, that happens a lot, I can pull out old photos and make them into happy layouts with Jillibean Soup. I think it's the colors, they make everything happy.

So there you have it. I'll try to blog more about things other than Cocoa Daisy. :) But no more Jillibean until next month because my other October projects won't show up until the end of the month. One is a Halloween card, hee hee. Try that with non Halloween lines. Yay me!


Keshet said...

LOVE that first layout with the bow and white space!

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

Whatever happened to Woodsy the Owl?!

Cute pages :)

Suz said...

Love them all! You've got my mind reeling with ideas now! TFS Em! :)

Leanne said...

all amazing projects!!! LOVE!!!