Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting cozy with Cocoa Daisy's Sweater Weather

I kind of took last week off from most computer stuff. I had the huge task in front of me of putting the finishing touches on the basement bathroom we were building. Kelly had done all of the dirty work, the parts you don't see like using the concrete saw to move the shower drain plumbing. You know, the fun stuff. I'll give a full report with pictures soon.

Not doing computer stuff meant I didn't get my Cocoa Daisy work blogged about. But I am rectifying that today! I LOVED Sweater Weather. I think it may be my favorite kit to date! The perfect combination of color/texture/products made every design I worked on fun.

First was Personalities: Matched

Like I said in my sneaks, this was my old style–the Simple Scrapbooking days–married to my new cluster style. Quite blocky, but with little groupings and lots of overlapping. I journaled on the tag and stapled it to the top of the page, it's tucked behind a popped photo of Ethan, I love how it worked out. I wrapped some twine to look like a lasso and then softened it up with the resin flower from Fancy Pants. The patterned paper is a new thing from Cocoa Daisy. Stephanie Wheeler is now designing paper for us! I love how this paper turned out! I thought the "What's Happening" sticker from My Mind's Eye was pretty funny for my horse. Here's what the journaling says:
When we rode the ponies up to the zip lines, they said our pony would match our personality. Annie's was fast and focused. Mine was bringing up the rear. Kelly and Ethan's ponies varied greatly. So while not spot on, they did get a couple of us matched perfectly. Mexico, June 2013.

Next we have Best Day Ever.

I loved the Fancy Pants wood veneer, it's HUGE. I had to be a title, but finding a photo where the sentiment was appropriate was a bit harder. I mean how many days are the best ones ever? I had to go back a year on my phone, but think I nailed it with this one. Much to our kids' disgust, they haven't had the latest and greatest in technologies, and yes, Annie probably missed out most because she was a senior when we finally got her a phone, and Ethan will have one the entire 4 years of high school, I'm sure she'll be OK in the end. This is about the day I ordered their phones. I had to use the Twin Set add on for this and love how I managed to use most of that in such tiny proportions. Again, I'm hearkening back to my more Simple Scrapbooking days.

And finally, the hardest one to design because the photo had a big street light shadow in it, but I'm ever so grateful to Hayley for taking this photo because we didn't get one of Annie when we were dropping her off at school (she's doing quite well by the way).

I love how this ended up, it's not a color scheme I normally use, but it works! I used some Maya Mist and water to create an ombre effect on the letterpress card. Man, do I love that Cocoa Daisy includes letterpress in every kit, it's such a unique element for the kit! I used the left over diamonds from the die cut background to add some more dimension. I'll be doing that more :) Loving the Fancy Pants resin flowers too. And perhaps you can tell I loved the mini tags in the Twin Set add on? I used them on every page. It's the perfect touch.

So there you have my October layouts for Cocoa Daisy!

And as soon as I can take pictures, I'll post about the work I did in the bathroom! It looks so lovely now. We are housing the missionaries until the end of the year, they moved in on Saturday night so we barely got done! But it's done! :)

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