Tuesday, January 29, 2008

lucky me

you know i'm on the october afternoon design team right? did you know i only live an hour and a half from their home base? well yesterday i got to drive down with my good friend vivian masket and get the grand tour.

can i just say wow?

yolande and cathy are delightful. we chatted with them for a bit, waiting for jon and kim to make it in from their other full time life. what fabulous ladies! they know what they are doing in this business. and then jon and kim showed up and we got the grand tour.

the office is beautifully set up, tasteful to say the least. and they have everything SO organized and clean. even the warehouse didn't look like a warehouse. it's a cozy feeling place, but not crowded. i was really impressed with their organizational system, my scrapping station needs to take some suggestions from them :).

and then we got to peek at the new stuff that's going to be shipped this spring. hello!?! if you thought the county fair line was gorgeous, the new lines--daydreams and detours--that we saw are going to blow you away. i just got a happy feeling inside looking at the new stuff. and that's all i can say for now. i know, i hate it when people say that. i'm sorry.

but to pacify, i offer another three random thoughts for you:

and i promise i'll tell you more as soon as i've been given the ok! :)


*Paula* said...

wah! I want to see! and now!! I guess I'll just have to wait.

Lisa Dickinson said...

lucky lucky duck! :)
and i have to say that FIT layout is just WOW. Love the stitching. Just ingenius :)

Erin said...

amazing pages! love the stitching on that fit page..incredible!

Anilu Magloire said...

Yolande is the sweetest! I e-mailed her a few times and she was the nicest :)
You are sooo lucky, Em!!

Oh and your pages are blowing me away!! It's no easy feat to make such simple yet stunning LOs!!

Heather said...

the milano LO....L...O...L!

the tweezer LO...amen, sistah!

the jeans LO....i need to know your supplier! oh, and the stitching is genius. you go girl. :-)

rachel carlson said...

so glad you got to meet yolande, isn't she lovely! looking forward to seeing the new OA goodies at cha, sigh. hugs and happy weekend, rach


Vivian said...

The OA is indeed worth waiting for!

Em, these layouts rock! Love your honesty, and love, love, LOVE the stitching on the "Fit" one!

Barb said...

Oh, don't tease us like that, Em.

I do trust you'll let us know as soon as you can, though.